“Wisest decision we have made thus far with wedding planning was hiring someone who actually knows how to plan a wedding. Big thank you to Three Strand Events for averting not one, but two crisis in the past few weeks! Perhaps my hair won’t be gray at the wedding after all.”

– B.N.

“Three Strand Events made my wedding day dream come true, even under the most challenging of circumstances. We had only three months to plan, and when the day finally came, it rained and poured all over our fully outside venue. It could have been a complete disaster, but with Patty’s expertise, we not only had a beautiful day where every detail was carefully tended to, but the groom and I were thoughtfully shielded from any of the stress. She was always on call to smooth over any questions or concerns and was constantly on the lookout for how we could maintain top quality while staying within budget. She was super organized and super attentive to details we had forgotten or missed. To sum up in a sentence, Patty was indispensable. Believe me, planning a wedding may seem an easy task from the outset, but once you start you will begin to be absolutely overwhelmed by the details. Let Three Strand Events keep your wedding fun for you!   Take it from a bride who got in way over her head. You’re going to want Patty on your team.


“I don’t even know how to begin to tell you what a blessing Patty was to our event! Before actually planning a wedding, I would have told you a wedding planner was just fluff – someone you would hire to do some of the dirty work you didn’t want to do or someone you hired because of the status symbol of having a wedding planner. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Patty became my right arm, my advisor, my counselor, my psychiatrist, my shoulder to cry on, my solution to every issue, my source of deep discounts, my idea-girl, and my go-to girl for every single thing imaginable. Our wedding had to be completed in less than three months, the families were at odds, and the bride’s dream was to have the wedding outside with many components that made the wedding truly special and magical, but took a tremendous amount of logistical coordination and attention to detail to pull off. In short, this wedding would have been a total disaster if not for Patty’s services. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. Her calm, capable presence, as well as her attention to detail and ability to adapt to whatever crisis of the hour popped up with contingency plans (resulting in even better results than the original plan) was priceless. Her ideas were brilliant, she had an endless vault of quality connections to call on for any need, her counsel was wise, and her presence was calming and ever available. She is worth her weight in gold. If you think you don’t need a wedding planner, think again. If you want a stress-free, beautiful, memorable wedding day, you need Patty.”


“Patty helped ease all the typical stress that a bride would face on her wedding day. From making sure all the guests and vendors knew where to go, helping set up all the decorations, and even helping find emergency backup vendors when people fell through. Patty was truly a blessing to have as part of our team and we are grateful for how beautifully the best day of our lives went!!”